Recently I've found myself shooting more portrait-style photography, and really enjoying it. And the more I do it, the more naturally it seems to happen. It's easiest (and most fun) to shoot friends. Mostly this is because the hardest thing in portraiture photography (at least that I've found) is putting someone at ease with an obtrusive lens in their face, and managing to capture a natural expression. Both are more likely to happen if your subject is familiar and comfortable with you, and if you know them well enough to somewhat anticipate reactions. 

It's a fun way to use my camera more often, and I'm always interested to capture something I see in people - an expression, their character, or even how I perceive them. It's easier to coax my girlfriends in front of the lens; I'm intrigued to see how I'd photograph men, and how stylistically different it would be.  


Amy. Famous last words: "I'm not really photogenic"

Nailed it. Gwen's most typical (and mischievous expression) 

Nanci. She's as lovely as this picture suggests.

Alya, Queen of the Wheel.