Curating a Bookshelf

Since I learned to read, books have been my escape, my inspiration, and my teachers. The library was like a second home, and I’d retreat into my books for hours on end. As we move further and further into the digital age, even my fierce love of books in their beautiful tactility hasn’t stopped my personal library from moving into the digital realm. But I’ve taken it as an opportunity to turn my bookshelf from a place for every book whose spine I’ve ever cracked into a carefully curated repository of the books that have continued to remain relevant throughout the years. Here are the books I will gladly read and re-read. There’s a little of everything, from the classics to sci-fi and fantasy, design, anthropology, urban studies, botany, linguistics, mathematics and philosophy. This is not everything on my bookshelf, but these treasured tomes come with the highest recommendation. I hope you find something new and exciting here.