Zion National Park

Postmarked April 24, 2013

Zion Canyon at sunrise. Photo by Stefan Moser, post-processed by Christine Moser.

Zion National Park exists monumentally; from its size, the depth of its canyons (a testament to the power of the Virgin River), and the brilliantly striated colors visible in the cliff faces, this landscape is one to capture the imagination. Evidence of this is left in the names given to formations: The Mountain of the Sun, The Sentinel, The Sundial, The Great White Throne, and The Altar of Sacrifice, to name a few.  Even before being declared a National Park in 1919, Zion drew artists, conservationists and explorers to soak up the wild beauty and diverse wildlife that existed within its valleys and canyons. It is mostly thanks to their efforts that this breathtaking landscape has been preserved to be enjoyed for future generations. 

View from the top of Hidden Canyon Trail

Rock formations at sunrise

Bend of the Virgin River. Photograph by Stefan Moser, post-processed by Christine Moser.

Song for the Road: Tip of the Tongue by The Donnis Trio