Introducing the Shop

It's been an exciting and productive couple of weeks, and here's the final reveal of what I've been working on during that time. I'm so excited to introduce a new section to my website: the shop. Yes, you read right - you can now buy my designs directly on the site! For the launch, I'm introducing three separate jewelry collections - some you may have seen before, but some are brand new. If you click on the "shop" icon in the header of my website, you can see all the items currently for sale, but below is a quick introduction to whet your appetite. In the future, I'll also have original prints you'll be able to buy. 


Sterling silver wire is woven and interspersed with colorful accent beads to create an airy, structural adornment. The nature of the materials and construction make these pieces flexible, lightweight and durable.


The Tissage Collection


Inspired by the love of all things cycling, this collection transforms repurposed bike tubes into designer accessories. Lightweight and durable, these statement pieces proclaim what you want them to: a love for the bike, for sustainability, or for sheer elegance.

The Re-Cycle Collection


Delicate seed beads are intricately woven into lacework patterns, recalling a vintage elegance.


The Victoria Collection